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Single: "Raja Taki"

Keubibitt departs from anxiety about culture which has begun to fade slowly with time. The feeling of love because the cause is no longer a reference, to foster longing for the process of cultural events.

Keubibit exists as an adhesive for modern culture and traditional culture side by side to present to the world.

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"Saban Sabee"

"Saban Sabee," derived from the Acehnese language meaning "togetherness" in English, is a composition that symbolizes unity and addresses social issues. The song carries a profound message, reminding us of the importance of solidarity, active listening, and humility. It encourages us to see and hear with the eyes of our hearts, recognizing the value in every life journey.


Released in December 2019, "Saban Sabee" is a reimagined version of a song originally produced by the Acehnese band Kande in 2006. Keubitbit revitalized the track, adding a fresh, contemporary touch.


The single earned Keubitbit the prestigious Anugerah Musik Indonesia (AMI) Award for Best World Music Production Work in 2020.



Music Producer: Keubitbit

Recording Studio: Rioto Studio, Aloel Studio

Mixing: Rio Hamonangan

Mastering: Rio Hamonangan

Director: Jeri Taufik Lizam 

Starring: Rachel


"Zoel" is one of the tracks from Keubitbit's debut album, Story of Aceh. Released in June 2017, Story of Aceh delves profoundly into the cultural heritage of Acehnese music, drawing inspiration from the region's vibrant historical legacy.


Serving as the foundation for Keubitbit's ongoing musical odyssey, Story of Aceh encapsulates their commitment to preserving and honoring Acehnese traditional culture through the medium of sound.


A little story behind this song: "Zoel" is named after Zoelkifli, reflecting Keubitbit's journey from its inception to the present day. This song is dedicated to all the artists and esteemed teachers in Aceh, especially to Abang Zoelkifli. The middle section of the song features the Serune Kalee, a traditional wind instrument from Aceh.



Music Producer: Safrullah ‘Aloel’

Video Director: Jeri Taufik Lizam

Recording Studio: Rioto Studio


Bass: Safrullah ‘Aloel’

Drum: Indra Fahmi Hakim

Guitar: Faiz Pradana

Keyboard: Madra Primana

Synthesizer: Ivan Alidiyan

Saxophone: Raden Trio Ananda Bagus Prakoso

Percussion (Rapa’i): Teuku Hariansyah ‘Apoen’

Percussion (Rapa’i): Indra Maulana

"Peumulia Jamee"

After releasing their debut album in 2017, Keubitbit followed up with a new single titled "Peumulia Jamee," available on digital platforms.


Unlike their previous music videos, this time Keubitbit featured the Ratoh Jaroe dance, an urban dance that developed in Jakarta as an evolution of several traditional seated dances from Aceh.


This serves as a form of appreciation and gratitude from Keubitbit to Yusri Saleh (D'gam) for introducing the Ratoh Jaroe dance to the international stage.



Music Producer: Keubitbit
Mixing & Mastering: Rio Hamonangan
Director: Jeri Taufik Lizam
Starring: Thania Sharland & Samanonbir (MAN 11 Jakarta)